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Upholstery cleaners in Belper

Having spent a decent amount of money on your sofa and chairs you don’t want to have to change them because of a stain or smell do you? With Richards Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Belper you can prolong the life of your suite by cleaning not replacing!

Reliable & professional sofa cleaners

Whether your pet has stained your favourite chair, or you have tough wine stains on your sofa, we can clean everything. Every job is different and is treated in its own capacity. All the cleaning products we use are of the highest standards delivering above par results for our customers. Our friendly staff will ensure your cleaning issues are fixed at the earliest opportunity.

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We do upholstery cleaning for:

     Foot stools
Upholstery cleaning services are provided for a variety of materials like cotton, leather, nylon and more. Book a free consultation today to discuss the material and what kind of cleaning you require for your furniture.

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Cost-effective upholstery cleaning

You do not have to get rid of your old upholstery anymore - our cleaning services are so efficient you’ll feel like you got a new one. We make sure your upholstery looks good as new, saving you the cost and hassle of having to replace it.. Our experts can clean upholstery made from all kinds of fabric. Get in touch for free quotes today.

Our team follows all social distancing guidelines while working in your home or business. All cleaning equipment is sanitised regularly, and masks are worn while work is carried out.

 Arrange your free, no obligation upholstery cleaning quote with Richards Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning in Belper today. Give our experts a call on

01773 857775 or 07717 514390

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